How do I    work?

I mainly work with a mix of different media. Watercolor paints, markers, pencil, acrylic paint, colored pencils and ink are used. You can have a look in my portfolio. I like to experiment and not only draw darkart fantasy, skeletons, but also cute animals, portraits, plants, landscapes across fields. While your artwork is being created, you will regularly receive photos of intermediate steps via email. Please note that there is more to your order than the creation itself. Sketches, creating a concept, packing, shipping and any corrections require additional working time.


Feel free to write me your ideas and together we will see how your project can best be realized. I look forward to you all! ♥  



Every commissioned work is tailored to you. The prices depend on the time and material expenditure, as well as it depends on what you want to use the artwork for. The prices are exclusive of shipping costs. I ship worldwide, insured and pack the works stably. Here is a rough list for your orientation for private use in the field of painting & graphics:


10.5cm x 14.8cm; DIN A6 - € 60.00
14.8cm x 21.0cm; DIN A5 - € 100.00
21.0 cm x 29.7 cm; A4 - € 200.00
29.7cm x 42.0cm; A3 - € 300.00
42.0cm x 59.4cm; DIN A2 - € 450.00
59.4cm x 84.1cm; DIN A1 - € 600.00
84.1cm x 118.9cm; DIN A0 - € 850.00
70 cm x 50.0 cm; - € 700.00


The exact price depends on your wishes. With an detailed background, without, only one figure, two figures, tattoo template, portrait, full body, pet, etc.

Sales tax is not shown as a small business owner according to § 19 UStG.

Payment options

PayPal and bank transfer are possible. I am also happy to offer you payment in installments. A deposit is required before the start of your commission. We discuss this individually, as well as any installment payments. Please understand that I will only send the finished artwork after full payment. Pickup in and around Zwickau is also possible. ♥

Request for commissioned work
Type of use

Many thanks for your inquiry!