Behind Absurd ART is a confused artist & media designer who loves cats, prefers to celebrate Halloween over Christmas, listens to metal and horror punk, likes gaming and appreciates good mead or absinthe. I draw everything that comes to my mind from crazy and cute to dark, whimsical; process thoughts and feelings in my art. An artist always perpetuates a piece of his soul in his work. In my soul there are, among other things, fat, fluffy cats, skeletons, bones and a few lovable bats - diagonally. For my art, I use a mix of watercolors, markers, pencils and crayons. Absurd art from an absurd mind. I like to try out new techniques and materials to develop my skills. My two fluffy chicks support me in my creative work every day. You will meet Fräulein Quietsch and Fluffl regularly. I'm looking forward to exciting projects with you! ♥


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